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Your Internet connection is very slow...
If you connect to a VPN server in the region closest to you, the connection speed will drop by an average of 10%. The reason is simple: encrypting and decrypting your data requires more computing power and time. In other words, if connecting through a VPN significantly affects the speed of your Internet connection, try disconnecting from the VPN network for a while.

VPN services are very useful, but they are not always necessary. If most of the websites you visit are on a secure network and you can access them just like that, then you don't need to keep the VPN client enabled all the time.

If you want to find a VPN service that you can rely on, be sure to check out our ratings of the top five providers. All of them offer free trial periods or give a money-back guarantee, so you won't risk anything.

Don't forget to look at our regularly updated page of discounts and favorable VPN offers-with the help of the codes presented there, you can subscribe to a great VPN service at a great price, thus saving a lot of money.


Using a VPN in the browser creates a heavy load on the Internet, slowing down the connection speed and, accordingly, the page loading speed. Yes, and the VPN on the PC is called stable because when it is used, crashes and malfunctions occur regularly, which forces you to regularly restart the browser program or extension.

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VPNs differ in many factors, among which the most important are:

Traffic restriction. Some VPNs have a traffic restriction, so they are not suitable for viewing videos and listening to audio recordings;
The location of the servers. Each VPN service has a different number of servers in its possession and, accordingly, the servers have different locations. Thus, when choosing a VPN, we recommend that you decide what you need a VPN for. For example, if you want to access, you need to choose a service that has servers in the United States;
Available protocols. Again, if you plan to download something from torrents, you need the VPN to be able to work with P2P traffic. So again, when choosing a VPN, find out what protocols are supported in a particular service;
Speed. Who doesn't like fast Internet when you don't have to wait for a few minutes for a page to load or a video to download or music to load? Therefore, before buying access to a VPN, it is advisable to make sure that you are satisfied with the connection speed. Many services provide test access and you can make sure that your chosen VPN service meets your needs.

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Previously, the issue of privacy was decided by the purchase of a dedicated communication channel; however, this solution was and is quite expensive and therefore inaccessible to small businesses. Therefore, the idea of creating a secure network working as a whole through an insecure Internet environment came up, which ultimately led to the creation of a VPN.

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If your needs are more serious than watching banned movies or encrypting from a friend in a cafe because of her surveillance of your social media activity, a VPN might not be for you.">国外VPN推荐排行榜 Many VPNs promise anonymity, but few can provide it, and you still blindly trust the VPN provider to access your traffic, which is not correct.

However, many users rely on a VPN to create plausible privacy when performing actions such as file sharing on BitTorrent. By masking their traffic as if it comes from a different IP address, they can put another brick on the wall while hiding from outsiders. Again, it's not ideal, but it's useful.

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If you want a VPN provider not to store logs of your actions, it must have a very large user base. The more people are served, the more people use each output node, and the more difficult it is to separate the traffic of a single user from the crowd of similar ones.
Many avoid using VPN providers from the US, based on the premise that US law will force these providers to register all VPN activity. They may be required by a different set of laws to transmit data.

In addition to logging issues, an even bigger problem is the type of VPN Protocol and encryption they use (it is more likely that a malicious third party will try to track your traffic and analyze it later, it is unlikely that they will reconstruct your traffic in an attempt to find you).

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When you connect to the Internet, your data and computer become available to strangers who, if they wish, can see a list of websites that you visit to steal your data when they move across the network and even get access to your computer. Data may be sold to others to be used to block access to websites or to identify your identity and determine your location.

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