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Straight Through Processing broker / Non Dealing Desk brokers

This type of broker (STP) is a hybrid model of an ECN broker and a market maker. STP brokers, in some cases, bring your transactions directly to the financial market, and in other cases act as your counterparty in the transaction.

The most common Commission model among STP brokers is that the Commission is included in the spread, meaning that their income is generated from the spread that is already contained in the price. But in some cases, such STP brokers offer a fixed spread and anonymous trading.


Brokers of different types have their advantages and disadvantages. The services of market makers are often used by novice traders, while ECN and STP brokers are mainly used by experienced traders. This is because market makers usually offer a variety of educational programs, a variety of available financial instruments, and minimal deposits to a trading account to start trading. Market makers are a good option for getting to know the market better and taking the first steps in trading.

ECN and STP brokers are mainly for experienced traders. They rarely offer educational services, and they usually require minimum deposits of $1 '000 to $10' 000 to their accounts.


An online broker acts as an intermediary between you and the financial market in exchange for a Commission.

ECN brokers provide direct access to the financial market through automated systems that perform buy and sell transactions with other market participants.

There are two types of direct access to the financial market: True DMA and One-Touch DMA. When trading on an exchange is conducted via True DMA, transactions are made by the broker automatically, without human intervention.

Market makers are liquidity providers who are always guaranteed to offer a buy and sell price. Prices may differ slightly from actual market prices.

Most market makers will participate in your transaction as a counterparty, assuming financial risk.

STP broker is a hybrid model of an ECN broker and a market maker.



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